2014 Typography Trends

Typography seems to have four big trends for 2014:

The first being handwritten fonts. These fonts are defined as “ones without clean lines, and that often have irregularly sized letters and weights.”(Taheri) With all the social media around today people are communicating through these apps and websites.  Handwritten font gives websites a personal touch, helping the viewer feel like the site’s message is coming straight from an actual person.

handwritten type

The second one is flat design. Flat design refers to the lack of shadows and gradients. It has become a major trend in all aspects of web design, it has even made it’s way into typography.”The fonts that will become popular due to flat design are ones that are sharp and crisp – but still visually interesting.” (Taheri)

flat type

The third is mixing and matching fonts. It might seem like mixing fonts would do more harm than good for a web site.  For example it would make the site confusing and harder for the viewer to read.  However it can be done, “combing a bunch of different fonts that go well together can create an artistic, handcrafted but still polished and purposeful look on a site.”(Taheri)

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 5.07.04 PM

The last one is large bold type.  This follows the web design trend for content over asethic.  Large type helps grab a viewers attention.  It also keeps the viewers on the site when they “don’t need to strain your eyes to read the message.” (Moreno)

bold type


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