Exploring Pinterest

Pinterest is great resource with everything from diy projects to recipes and even design trends.  It’s also very easy to use.  After signing up, you make some boards (categories/labels for your pins).  Start searching either on your homepage, which shows the recent pins of people you follow, or by searching.  To search just click on the search icon.  Once you found something you want to pin just click on it and select the board you want to save it to.  You could also share it on a social media site or send it to a friend.  I really like almost everything about pinterest.  The only thing I dislike is that the tags for pins could be more specific, making searches more specific too.

It’s extremely useful for design because it allows designers to and inexpensive way to keep up with the current trends and to see what my be the next big thing.  It also allows a person/company/brand to increase the traffic to their web site exponentially.  Some of the ways to accomplish this is to use strong visuals, photos of your customers, a user-generated board, host a contest through pinterest, and add the pin button to your site.

Overall I believe pinterest is great tool for anyone, but even businesses can benefit from using it.  The url for my Client Project Mood Board is http://www.pinterest.com/vefisher/client-project-mood-board/


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