A Summary of GIT 221

There was a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it. Even with the faster time table I did learn some things. I learned that the world wide web is only a part of the internet (the part access to the public). I learned how to make a basic webpage and how to style it a little. My favorite page was my works page after I applied the grid: I liked how the web portfolio assignments went step by step on what you need to add or do to the htm file.  It helped to make some that could get very confusing for a beginner much easier to understand. If I were to change anything I would spend less time on the history and/or how the internet works.  I understand that having a basic knowledge of this topic is nesscessary for building a good and/or better functioning web site. While it could be because this is a very condensed version, but I feel like I learned more about that then about actually building the website.  I also think a chart (kind of a master list) that organizes of all the different html codes on one page could be helpful. Overall it was a good course and I learned a lot.


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