Tools for Web Developers and Designers

Doing a quick Google search will give you links for some great tools and resources for web developing. However I’ve got a small list for you here.

1. CSS3 Click Chart – This is a handy attribute reference chart is great for that pesky attribute whose value order always seems to slip your mind. It also shows how to use an attribute with an example of CSS syntax as well as a demonstration of your CSS code.

2. Patternizer – This is an online interface that makes it easy for you to create custom CSS3 stripes/checks.

3. Basecamp – An online application useful for managing your projects. It’s particularly use for frontend bug lists and to-do lists. It’s also great for collaborating with other developers.

4. Google Rich Snippets – Look for help with your Search Engine Optimization? This tool is part of Google’s suite of Webmaster’s  tools. It allows you customize how the link to your site appears in a search list so that it appeals to your target audience. It also lets you know if it is giving any useful data to Google and increase your sites listing.

5. Code Pen – A social application for sharing code. While it features frontend code it is still a great place for inspiration and learning. It has an editor that will display the combination of your HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript codes to help you with troubleshooting, debugging, and sharing.

6. FitText.js – A jQuery plug-in that makes headline text scalable for responsive and fluid design layouts.

Find more information and links for these tools and more at: web-design/underrated-tool-513154


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