Client Brief- Farm Road Rotisserie

IMG_0033Farm Road Rotisserie is a new restaurant preparing to open in the East Village neighborhood of New York City. Co-founders Daniel Brancusi (General Manager) and Brian Fisher (Executive Chef) want diners to at home in their fast casual restaurant with a Texas feel to both the atmosphere and the menu.

Their target audience is, but not limited too, the young (20-35), affluent professionals living in the East Village neighborhood. It also includes both singles and those married with or without children in the upper-to-middle class. The prominent values of their target audience are healthy but affordable dining options. This audience prefers the freshness that locally sourced and/or seasonal meats and produce offers.

Their three main competitors are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Momofuku Noodle Bar, and Dallas BBQ. All three show the potential and need for fast casual dining. Chipotle in particular shows the markets tendency towards fresh and local sourced food at lower cost. However their fixed menu can cause diners to “get tired of” their food, while Farm Road will change up their sides as different produce comes into season.
Momofuku has made a name for themselves with trendy “foodies” by focusing on one main menu item, while they have other items they are know for their ramen, and making it with quality ingredients. Farm Road has a similar plan, focusing on quality rotisserie style chicken. However they have listened to the demand for healthier food as their menu will be less starch based then Momofuku’s and instead it will be leaner with fresh vegetable sides and salads.
Their third competitor, Dallas BBQ, is the biggest threat. They are already established and have a similar menu, offering barbecue and rotisserie chicken. Farm Road will compete by offering higher quality food at a more reasonable cost.
Their branding message/project message is: Unmistakably Texan in origin Farm Road Rotisserie strives to provide a welcoming environment were the food always taste great and is always caringly sourced.
Following their branding message Farm Road’s creative direction is a modern contemporary with Texas roots. Furnishings and decor will be of natural wood and stainless steel with accents in green tones. Additional decor and any pictures will add to welcoming Texan atmosphere of the restaurant.
Elements required for the project are: A home page that give a general description of the restaurant. A menu page that can be updated as the menu changes. A “Meet Our Staff” page with a picture, job title, and short biography for employees. A page where customers can order delivery. A page with information about booking the restaurant for larger groups/ parties. Lastly a page about the restaurant including how it got it’s name and what it’s name means and how this is reflected in their food/menu.


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